It is our great pleasure to introduce our Organization LULU INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, having registered & duly licensed Human Resource Recruitment Company in Sri Lanka according to their categorical capability for provision of specialized candidates in their respective fields for the outmost satisfaction of our Principals and Clients.

Our well experienced, dedicated and qualified staffs are enthusiastic in their respective work is definitely an asset to our company, emerging with one of the most effective and reliable Human Resource Recruitment Company running under professional management in Sri Lanka.

LULU INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, we ensure that we provide you with the right staff for the benefit of your Company and we are looking forward to serve you any time.

Professional Recruitment

We have been giving best to the clients we Recruit. With Our Experts, Strategy and Professional way of Recruiting.

Effective Process

With Our Experience and all of our experts ideas have made an outcome of a supreme recruitment process. Which has made Great Relationship with Employee and the Employer.

Years of Experience

We are Established in Year 2000 we have grown this Business with Trust, Hard Work and Honesty.

Large Client Base

We have a Large Client Base in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and in many more countries.

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Great vision without great people is irrelevant

Jim Collins

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We Established
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Successfully Sent Emplyers
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Awards Won

Our Mission

To be the Best in Specialized Recruitment of Manpower, Support and Contribute to our “Much Valued Client’s Progress, Effectively, in all Aspects of Business from “Concept to Mobilization”.

Our Vision

To be a recognized force in the industry for “Provision of Quality Human Resource Recruitment” to our “Partners in Progress” ensuring Efficient, Trustworthy and Cost Effective Human Resource Requirements, thereby facilitating the Rapid Growth and Profit to our Much Valued Clientele.

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