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About Lulu International

LULU INTERNATIONAL (Private) Limited is a quality brand for HR RECRUITMENT and a leading Sri Lankan HR recruitment company since year 2000 and we are  specialized in Human Resources Recruitment Consultancy to make easier, faster and more affordable for you to recruit the right candidates.

The most experience consultants at LULU INTERNATIONAL are our Managers. They oversee on every assignments benefit from their incomparable recruitment knowledge and vast networks. We ready to understand your recruitment needs, develop an accurate and captivating task for the role and make sure we recruit the right person, not just the CV. We personally interview and short list candidates to enable us to make considered recommendations for your satisfaction.

We support the globalization of your company by offering manpower solutions internationally and offer HR recruitment solutions in search and selection across industries and corporate functions for multinational companies. LULU INTERNATIONAL is a dedicated specialized company in search and functional selections ensure clients and candidates to get the industry, functional, and local expertise required to complete an assignment or advance a career. Visit our vacancy page to search for a career job opportunity that suits you or if you are searching for candidates, please feel free to contact us.


Respected Gentlemen,

First and Foremost, please permit me to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your interest in our organization.
I am honoured to introduce “Lulu International (Pvt) Limited” as a leader in “Head Hunting & Manpower Recruitment” operating from the Republic of Sri Lanka.
Lulu International (Pvt) Ltd, along with its experienced and competent staff, stand for “Quality at Competitive Rates” committed to serve you without compromising on Quality. We are “Able and willing” to meet desired demands in almost any requirement, in any given category.
I firmly believe the fact that “Human Potential must be utilized to the Maximum …… for the Betterment of the World, to Nature and of course….. To us, Human Beings”. Hence, our priority is and will always be to find and furnish the much needed Human Resource Requirements. In short, we undertake the responsibility to provide “THE RIGHT MAN AT THE RIGHT TIME FOR THE RIGHT JOB”
In conclusion, I thank you in appreciation with gratitude for your vice and timely decision to have chosen “Lulu International (Pvt) Limited” as your partner in progress. Rest assured Sirs, we shall live up to your desired expectations and to our reputation as well. I earnestly look forward to work in partnership in the nearest future with you esteemed organization for mutual benefit.

With Best Regards,


Respected Gentlemen,

I am told, “Great Accomplishments Rely on Successful Efforts and that Successful Efforts Rely on Tough Decisions, Strong Capabilities and Understanding the Concept of Human Resources” Our Prime objective at “Lulu’s Recruitment and Headhunting” is entirely based on “Understanding our Client’s Vision, Values and Needs and Contribute Effectively to their Strategic Businesses Plan Our role always depends on Mutual Interest and Harmonious Working Relationship. Therefore, we trust very much on our capability to serve you. “We are here for you”

With Warm Regards,

Mr. Abdul Majeed Mohamed Rifki
Director for Saudi & the Gulf Region

Organization structure

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